Gemstones for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings

Rings have always been a symbol of love and eternity. When exchanging rings at a wedding, for example, the future spouses promise each other fidelity and an eternal bond. Gemstones set into rings for special occasions carry an additional message and reflect the couple’s very personal love story. For example, the diamond stands for purity and constancy and the sapphire for loyalty and sincerity. Find out in this article which gemstones you can use to enhance each chapter of your love story.

Gemstones for engagement rings

The engagement ring symbolizes the intention to tie the knot. The classic choice for this festive occasion is a solitaire – a large, individually set stone. A diamond is often used for this, which stands for the indestructibility of love due to its hardness.

There is also a large selection of colored alternatives: The red ruby, for example, is associated with passion and strength, sapphire stands for emotional depth and fidelity, emerald for hope, balance and understanding. Each gemstone is ascribed a symbolic meaning that conveys a profound message.

Ultimately, there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to designing an engagement ring. The “right” engagement ring corresponds to your personal taste in terms of design, material, setting, color, size and cut of the gemstone. Several stones are often combined with each other and jewels other than the classic diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are also very popular for engagement rings. For example, the sea-blue aquamarine or the colorful tourmaline.

A diamond is often used for the engagement ring, which stands for the indestructibility of love due to its hardness.

Gemstones for wedding rings

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Nowadays, wedding rings no longer have to be a simple gold band. Gemstones emphasize the uniqueness of the wedding ring and give it an additional profound dimension. In addition to the classic diamond, colored gemstones give the ring a personal touch. For example, the couple’s month or birthstones can be incorporated into the wedding ring to honor the individuality of the couple and express their personal connection in the ring design.

As with the engagement ring, the choice of gemstone can also express shared values or emphasize certain characteristics of a fulfilling relationship.

Anniversary gemstones

Gemstones or jewelry decorated with gemstones are also popular gifts for wedding anniversaries. Each anniversary marks a milestone in the relationship and offers the opportunity to celebrate the love they share. Gemstones given for this purpose are not only a romantic gift, but also represent a profitable investment.

Each gemstone symbolizes a specific year of marriage or a specific anniversary:

  1. Gold jewelry
  2. Garnet
  3. Pearls
  4. Blue topaz
  5. Sapphire
  6. Amethyst
  7. Onyx
  8. Tourmaline
  9. Lapis lazuli
  10. Diamond (rose wedding)
  11. Turquoise
  12. Jade
  13. Citrine
  14. Opal
  15. Ruby (glass wedding)
  16. Peridot
  17. Carnelian
  18. Chrysoberyl cat’s eye
  19. Aquamarine
  20. Emerald
  21. Iolite
  22. Spinel
  23. Imperial topaz
  24. Tanzanite
  25. Silver jewelry (silver wedding)
  26. Pearls
  27. Emerald
  28. Ruby
  29. Sapphire
  30. Gold jewelry (golden wedding anniversary)
  31. Alexandrite
  32. Diamond
  33. Sapphire
  34. Ruby

Choosing the right gemstone

The most important thing when choosing a gemstone for an engagement, wedding or anniversary ring is, of course, that you like it. The stone should “speak” to you, so to speak, its beauty should touch and delight you. The “right” gemstone is the one that makes your heart smile.

At The Natural Gem, you will not only find high-quality colored gemstones, we also offer the setting of these in exquisite pieces of jewelry. We design rings for special occasions according to your individual wishes and only use recycled gold because sustainability is important to us.

High Jewellery jewelry, which is manufactured to the highest standards, is also suitable as an investment. As a wearable investment, gemstone jewelry is not only an expression of beauty and luxury, but also combines emotional and material value.

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Dr. Thomas Schröck
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Dr. Thomas Schröck

The founder and managing partner of THE NATURAL GEM has been active in international gemstone trading for 30 years. As a doctor of economics and a certified gemmologist in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, among other countries, he is one of Europe’s leading experts on naturally-coloured, untreated gemstones and investments in them.


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