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The expert for natural colored, untreated gemstones and investments in these

The Natural Gem is your partner for investments in gemstones.
30 years of experience in the international gemstone trade and market leader of naturally colored, untreated gemstones.

Let our experts advise you or buy gemstones directly online in our webshop. Of course all our products come with internationally recognized certificate.

Your Benefit:

  • Personal, first-class & individual customer advice
  • Discreet delivery to desired location
  • Third party storage locations (e.g. bonded warehouse, safekeeping)
  • Individual production of high-quality jewellery (“portable tangible investment”)
  • Mediation of appropriate insurance coverage
  • Repurchase or support with desired resale


  • Small, easy to transport, highest concentration of value
  • Used to store value for more than 5,000 years
  • Easy to pass on (e.g. to the next generation)
  • Strong increase in value (high demand, declining mine yields, auctions)
  • Internationally traded & independent, recognized certificates
  • No metallic properties, hard to find even by X-ray
  • Low correlation with other investment classes
  • Beauty of the stones

GEM Token

  • Secured by the blockchain
  • The tokens can be exchanged for the gemstones in the portfolio at any time
  • The holders of the tokens participate in the increase in value of the portfolio



Discover gemstones

We exclusively offer natural colored, investment-grade gemstones in our portfolio. Every gemstone available for purchase is accompanied by certificates issued by globally renowned gemological institutes.


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