High Jewelry: Gemstone jewelry as a value investment

Gemstones have been used as an investment for many thousands of years – often processed into jewelry. It is not without reason that the Imperial Treasury in Vienna houses not only the scepter, orb and crown of the Austrian Empire, but also a large number of bejeweled pieces of jewelry from the House of Habsburg. But is an investment in jewelry really worthwhile? And which jewelry is suitable as an investment?

Is jewelry suitable as an investment in value and money?

The high prices for gold, silver, platinum and precious stones give rise to the assumption that jewelry is a profitable investment. In fact, however, the precious pieces are only suitable for investment purposes in exceptional cases. In the case of gold jewelry, for example, only the material value is usually taken into account. Design and craftsmanship are ignored. So if you decide to sell old heirloom jewelry, you often make less profit than expected. For a precious metal investment, bars and coins are therefore more suitable than jewelry.

The situation is different with regard to the jewels with which the jewelry is set. High-quality gemstones have always been a valued investment. Natural-colored, untreated stones show a high increase in value (since 1995, market prices have at least tripled), show no volatility, and the worldwide decline in the number of finds ensures high demand.

The gemstone processed in the piece of jewelry is the real store of value.

In this respect, the gemstone processed in the piece of jewelry is the real investment, which can be used in the form of jewelry and is suitable for daily use as a ring, necklace or bracelet.

Natural-colored, untreated rubies, sapphires and emeralds of the highest quality are particularly suitable as investments, as are diamonds for long-term time horizons. The quality, color and untreated nature of the jewels must be proven in an internationally recognized, independent certificate.

Investment in gemstone jewelry: High Jewellery vs. Fine Jewellery

Smaradg Ring HIgh Jewellry

No other investment opportunity has a comparable emotional value as gemstone jewelry. In and of themselves, gemstones already concentrate the highest value in the smallest space. Processed into jewelry, this concentrated value density is worn as close to the body and touched as often as no other type of investment.

But not all jewelry is the same. High Jewellery (often referred to as “Haute Joaillerie” in German) is particularly suitable as a wearable investment. Jewelry of this type represents the highest standard in jewelry manufacturing. These are elaborately crafted one-of-a-kind pieces made from the highest quality materials, especially rare gemstones. Each piece is handcrafted and captivates with extravagant design.
Many luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior and Cartier also bring out their own haute joaillerie collections.

High Jewellery is not to be confused with Fine Jewellery. While both represent the higher end of jewelry making, the former focuses on jewelry making as an art form. Accordingly, the gemstones used in Fine Jewellery – while still particularly high quality – are not quite as rare and exceptional as is the case with their High Jewellery counterparts. In addition, High Jewellery’s craftsmanship and design are unmatched in their artistry and attention to detail. Fine Jewellery pieces can easily be worn in everyday life, whereas High Jewellery is usually brought out for special occasions.

Gemstones made into jewelry at The Natural Gem

Gemstone jewelry combines material value with personal emotion and artistic expression. Those who like to wear their investment can have the precious gems processed into jewelry – their value is not affected, and gemstone setting or removal from settings can be done without damage.

Approximately 15% of the colored gemstones sold by The Natural Gem are processed into jewelry. We also offer gemstone setting services ourselves. Our goldsmiths create exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces entirely according to your ideas.

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Dr. Thomas Schröck
The Author:

Dr. Thomas Schröck

The founder and managing partner of THE NATURAL GEM has been active in international gemstone trading for 30 years. As a doctor of economics and a certified gemmologist in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, among other countries, he is one of Europe’s leading experts on naturally-coloured, untreated gemstones and investments in them.


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