Why invest in gemstones?

  • Gemstones are small and easy to transport and concentrate their value in a very small volume.
  • They are easy to pass on, for example to further generations.
  • They have been used to store wealth for over 5000 years.
  • Worldwide sources of gemstones (especially rubies and sapphires, but also diamonds) are becoming exhausted.
  • Earlier source countries in Asia as well as Russia are now creating high demand.
  • Auctions are raising market prices.
  • Naturally coloured gemstones have seen a constant, strong increase in value for over 40 years and are considered to be “non-volatile”, meaning they will hold their value securely.
  • Gemstones are traded internationally.
  • Gemstones from THE NATURAL GEM are only sold along with an internationally recognized, independent certificate from a gemmological institute.
  • Gemstones are the most emotional way of storing wealth: nothing else of such high value can be worn so close to the skin and thus touched so often every day.
  • Gemstones are easy to store, require no effort and no servicing.
  • Gemstones have no metallic characteristics and are thus easy to hide.
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Why The Natural Gem?


Fundamental factors for success

  • We have access to gemstones (coloured gemstones, coloured diamonds, white diamonds) of the very highest quality.
  • We specialise in naturally coloured, untreated gemstones.Purchasing directly in the source countries (without middlemen) allows attractive prices for our clients.
  • We certify our goods to the highest standards worldwide.
  • We have 30 years of market experience.
  • We carry out exclusive, discreet searches for gemstones of every type.
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Security for our clients and absolute discretion

  • Investing in gemstones offers you a discreet way to diversify your portfolio without having to disclose details.
  • Don’t know where to store your treasures? We offer you anonymous and secure storage of your gemstones, including insurance.
  • Learn more about your investment in gemstones at exclusive events in a select setting. Enjoy exquisite wines and good company with sparkling conversations.


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Only full-service provider in Central Europe

  • Personal, first class and individual client consultation
  • Discrete delivery to any address incl. 24/7 availability
  • External storage locations (e.g. duty free warehouse, high security storage)
  • Creation of individual high quality jewellery (wearable investment)
  • Organization of suitable insurance
  • Repurchase or support with a desired resale.
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The Natural Gem is your partner for investments in gemstones. 30 years of experience in the international gemstone trade and market leader for natural-colored, untreated gemstones.

Market development and performance

Since 1995 the market prices for naturally coloured, untreated gemstones have at least tripled.

Rubies from Burma have increased in value ten-fold in 27 years,

while sapphires from Burma have increased almost eight-fold.

Long term, rubies and sapphires have performed considerably better than both gold and the Dow Jones.

Naturally coloured, untreated gemstones are non-volatile and are not affected by wordwide economic events.

Your Investment

As client, you define


  • the investment sum
  • any preferences or exclusions
  • the delivery address and storage location.

The Natural Gem


  • suggests a suitable portfolio.
  • ​After complete payment, delivery is made to the relevant address.
  • From a planned investment of EUR 50 000 upwards, THE NATURAL GEM offers individual consultation in your own home.
  • On request, jewellery will be made to your specification.

We look forward to meeting you!

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