How do I store my purchased gemstones?

In any case, gemstones should be stored separately from their certificates, as the certificate is recognized as proof of ownership. A popular option is to store the gemstones in a safe and the certificates e.g. with or behind books. The Natural Gem will assist you as a customer at any time with the ideal storage of your gemstones.

Can The Natural Gem arrange insurance for my gemstones?

The Natural Gem will gladly put you in touch with a reputable insurance company that will take care of your vault insurance as well as a so-called carrying insurance for your jewelry.

Can The Natural Gem take care of the storage of my gemstones?

Yes, The Natural Gem has storage capacity in a high security warehouse where your stones can be stored insured. The cost for this is approximately 1% of the net-purchase value per year.

Can The Natural Gem store my gemstones in a bonded warehouse?

Yes, from an investment sum of 100.000 Euro this is possible, ask us for the conditions.


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