How does the purchase of gemstones at The Natural Gem proceed?

Please contact us by phone, via our contact form or by email. According to your wishes you will receive an offer as pdf; this offer contains photos and scans of the certificates of those gemstones you can purchase. Alternatively, you can visit us in Vienna or request a visit from one of The Natural Gem’s employees. The gemstones will be handed over against bank transfer. We are happy to meet your individual wishes.

Can I compare the prices of The Natural Gem?

Please go with the specification of a gemstone to any other dealer and compare quality and price.

Who guarantees me the authenticity of the gemstones?

The Natural Gem only sells gemstones with internationally recognized, independent certificates. We also encourage our customers to have the gemstones they buy from us verified a second time by other certification bodies.

Do I have to pay sales tax when buying gemstones in Austria?

Yes, there is a 20% sales tax in Austria, only exports outside the EU are charged without sales tax.

Why buy gemstones at The Natural Gem?

The Natural Gem is the leading dealer for high quality, natural colored, untreated gemstones in the German speaking countries. Dr. Thomas Schröck as founder and managing partner has over 30 years of experience in the international gemstone trade.

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