The emerald is considered to be THE green gemstone. Its very name is derived from the old French esmeraude which comes from the Greek “smaragdos”, which means nothing other than “green stone”.

There are also numerous other stones that come in green color varieties. These include sapphire, tourmaline, alexandrite, tsavolite or jadeite, the green variety of jade.

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The photos presented here by The Natural Gem show each gemstone as it is. The photos are not post-processed, color changed and the gemstones are not optically optimized in their purity.


properties of tourmaline

  • Separate mineralogical group with many varieties
  • Hardness grade 7 - 7,5
  • Chemical formula: XY3Z6(T6O18)(BO3)3V3W(V, W, X, Y, Z stand for different possible elements)
  • Includes all colors
  • Colored by different metal oxides
  • Specific gravity 2.8 - 3.3 g/cm3


  • Brasilia
  • Madagascar
  • Pakistan
  • Various locations in Europe
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria

worth knowing

  • Oldest known locality in modern trade: Brazil
  • Occurs in all colors
  • Forms beautiful crystals with very good crystal endings
  • Various esoteric and healing meanings
  • Also large crystals and large cut stones possible
  • The locality Pakistan was discovered only around 2010

investment in tourmaline

  • Still undervalued compared to other gemstones.
  • Exception: the Paraiba tourmaline, which can be more expensive than sapphire
  • Stones should be at least 5 ct in weight, except for Paraiba
  • Larger stones have higher appreciation
  • Experts calculate 6 - 8% increase in value per year
  • Beautiful, pure stones with clear colors are preferable

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