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Item Number: 2022-1116

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Price on request
6,932 ct.
Color Quality:
very good (III)
very small inclusions (C)


attributes of an emerald

  • Belongs mineralogically to beryl
  • Hardness grade 7,5 – 8
  • Chemical formula: Al2Be3[Si6O18]
  • Includes only the color green
  • Colored by chromium oxide and/or vandium
  • Lower density than corundum: 2.6 – 2.8

worth knowing

  • Oldest known place of origin: Egypt
  • Was exchanged for rubies by maharajas
  • The color green is associated with femininity
  • Assigned to the planet Venus
  • Increases femininity and the ability to earn money
  • The site of Zambia was discovered only in 1978

emerald as investment

  • Third best suitability of all gemstones (next to ruby and sapphire)
  • Rare, strongly increasing in value
  • Stones should have at least 1 ct weight
  • Larger stones have higher increase in value
  • Experts expect 4-6% increase in value per year
  • Beautifully sparkling, pure emeralds are preferable


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