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Blue Sapphire

Item Number: 2022-0384

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12,397 ct.
Color Quality:
good (IV)
small inclusions (D)


properties of sapphire

  • Belongs mineralogically to corundum
  • Hardness grade 9
  • Chemical formula: Al2O3
  • Includes all colors except red, red corundum is called "ruby
  • Coloration generally by metal oxides (e.g. blue: titanium oxide)
  • High density of 3.9 - 4.1


worth knowing

  • Oldest known locality: Burma
  • The legendary place of discovery: "Kashmir"
  • Assigned to the planet Saturn
  • Besides blue, pink sapphire is especially sought after: "hot pink".
  • The most recently discovered localities are Madagascar and Ethiopia

investment in sapphire

  • second most suitable of all gemstones for investment
  • less rare than ruby but also strongly increasing in value
  • Stones should have at least 1 ct weight, better from 3 ct.
  • larger stones have higher increase in value
  • Experts reckon with 6% increase in value per year
  • beautiful sparkling sapphires are preferable
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