The ruby is one of the rarest gemstones and the deep red colour that the best stones possess has made it renowned and desired for thousands of years. The Natural Gem offers the most comprehensive portfolio of naturally coloured, untreated rubies in the German-speaking area. Accompany us on a fascinating journey through the differing red hues, source countries, inclusion types and sizes of the most sought-after gemstone in the world.

With its glowing red colour, the ruby is one of the gemstones that people have craved after for the longest time, whether as jewellery or as a way to store their wealth. Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum; only the red variety is called ruby, all other colours being known as sapphire.

Its colour is due to the permeation of chromium and because this combination of corundum and chromium is extremely rare on Earth, ruby that can be cut only occurs in two areas: firstly in extensions of the Himalayas (Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan) and secondly in the greater area of the East African Rift; in Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania.The larger a ruby, the rarer it is. Stones with a weight of more than 5 ct are extremely rare finds, irrespective of the mining area.The most common types of cut are oval or cushion. A round cut will usually command a higher price, while other cuts, such as heart or marquise, lead to a price reduction. Rubies are ideal for setting into jewellery and wearing, as they are highly resistant to physical influence.If you are considering purchasing a ruby, take care that the stone is “lively”; it should be lustrous and radiant. The redder a ruby appears and the fewer inclusions it has, the more valuable it will be. Rubies from Burma can command considerably higher prices.For believers of esotericism and the healing function of stones, ruby increases assertiveness and helps self-actualisation. It is associated with the planet Mars and thus power and strength are its attributes.

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The photos presented here by The Natural Gem show each gemstone as it is. The photos are not post-processed, color changed and the gemstones are not optically optimized in their purity.


attributes of a ruby

  • Belongs mineralogically to corundum
  • Hardness grade 9
  • Chemical formula: Al2O3
  • Includes only the color red
  • Colored by chromium oxide
  • High density of 3.9 - 4.1

worth knowing

  • Oldest known locality: Burma
  • Was exchanged for emeralds by maharajas
  • The color red is equated with power
  • Assigned to the planet Mars
  • Increases the assertiveness
  • The location Mozambique was discovered only in 2007/08

ruby as investment

  • Highest suitability of all gemstones
  • Rare, strongly increasing in value
  • Stones should have a weight of at least 1 ct
  • Larger stones have higher increase in value
  • Experts reckon with 8% increase in value per year
  • Beautifully sparkling rubies are preferable
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