Tajikistan is known for its rubies and spinels. In fact, some of the most spectacular rubies come from mines in Tajikistan, although some of these rubies – including the “Black Prince’s Ruby” in the British Crown Jewels – were later found to actually be spinels.

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properties of spinel

  • Own mineralogical group
  • Hardness grade 8
  • Chemical formula: MgAl2O4
  • Includes almost all colors
  • Colored by different metal oxides
  • High density of the mineral: 3.6 – 4.1


  • Burma
  • Vietnam
  • Tadschikistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Afghanistan

worth knowing

  • Oldest known locality: Burma
  • Has been confused with ruby for a long time
  • Some of the most important “rubies” in the world are therefore spinels
  • Spinel can be distinguished from ruby by its crystal system and refraction of light
  • Gives courage and confidence
  • Most important place of discovery is still Burma

investment in spinel

  • Outsider in the investment field, which will quickly increase in value
  • Rare, rapidly increasing in value
  • Stones should have at least 2 ct weight
  • Larger, luminous stones have higher increase in value
  • Experts expect 8 – 10% increase in value per year
  • Beautiful sparkling spinels are to be preferred


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