Compensating stones for each sign of the zodiac

Gemstones not only impress with their beauty and are the optimal addition to an already existing investment portfolio – since time immemorial, people have been fascinated by the significance of precious stones and attribute healing or even magical powers to them. In this tradition is the assignment of gemstones to the twelve signs of the zodiac. The so-called “compensating stones” are supposed to be able to soften or balance certain characteristics of the respective zodiac sign.

What is a compensating stone?

It is well known that in astrology certain characteristics are attributed to each sign of the zodiac. Aries, for example, is considered assertive, Cancer is emotional and diplomacy, it is said, is typical Libra. In addition to these positive characteristics, each zodiac sign also has its weaknesses: Aries can be argumentative at times and Gemini is prone to gossip.

With compensating stones, the rather unfavorable characteristics of the zodiac signs can be softened and harmonized. There are several stones for each zodiac sign to choose from to bring the forces back into balance.

Birthstones and compensating stones: What is the difference?

Compensating stones are not to be confused with the popular birthstones. The latter are sorted by month, which is why they are also known as “monthly stones”. Birthstones are supposed to strengthen their bearers, offer them protection and influence them positively overall.

In principle, the monthly stones can also be divided among the twelve signs of the zodiac, but several stones are attributed to each sign. This is because in astrology the zodiac signs are divided into three decades each. Depending on whether one was born at the beginning, middle or end of the month, the zodiac stone is different.

So while zodiac and birthstones emphasize and support strengths, compensating stones – as the name suggests – are meant to compensate for weaknesses.

Birthstones can be used to highlight the strengths of a zodiac sign, while compensating stones can be used to mitigate the weaknesses.

Compensating stones by zodiac sign: From Aries to Pisces

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Aries

Ideal compensating stones for Aries-born people are amethyst, rose quartz or aventurine, which provide serenity, prudence and empathy, thus counteracting the restlessness of Aries and calming their sometimes quick-tempered temper.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus are said to be afraid of change and pessimistic. Moss agate helps them to be more willing to take risks, chrysopal and malachite to have a zest for life and a sense of adventure.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Gemini

Typical weaknesses of Gemini are absentmindedness and lack of sense of responsibility. Yellow jasper is said to give the zodiac sign sincerity and aquamarine clarity and concentration.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Cancer

Cancerians tend to be moody and avoid conflict. Amazonite, which provides the necessary serenity, and carnelian or calcite, which stand for energy and assertiveness, help against this.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Leo

Leo’s are said to be less adaptable and selfish when not in balance. Brown tourmaline (dravite) gives a sense of community, diamond helps self-knowledge.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Virgo

Virgos can get overworked and not see the forest for the trees. The compensating stones rutile quartz and rubellite help to keep the overview, charoite provides order and calmness.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Libra

Some Libra-born people suffer from a lack of self-confidence and an exaggerated need for harmony. Malachite and lapis lazuli promote the ability to deal with conflict, emerald and heliotrope strengthen self-confidence.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Scorpio

Typical imbalances of Scorpios are closed-mindedness and obsessive thinking. Ruby and zoisite for confidence and chrysoprase for more openness and trust help against this.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Dolomite, which gives its wearer pragmatism, and blue tourmaline (indigolite), which makes open to other views, compensate Sagittarius’ weaknesses – loss of reality and unwillingness to compromise.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Capricorn

Capricorn is said to be obsessive and iron discipline. Gemstones that give flexibility, lightness and serenity, such as dumortierite, morganite or black tourmaline (schorl), provide balance.

Compensating stones for the astrological sign Aquarius

Aquarius-born people sometimes lack stability and consideration for others. The compensating stones aragonite and magnesite ground them and give them calmness and patience.

Compensating stones for the zodiac sign Pisces

Pisces tend to lose themselves in their fantasy world or sacrifice themselves for others. Turquoise helps them to separate themselves and strengthen the ego consciousness, carnelian and agate give a healthy sense of reality.

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Dr. Thomas Schröck
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Dr. Thomas Schröck

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