Importance of Navratnam – Nine Gemstones in India

India is a diverse country with different cultures and their corresponding deities whom people pray to. In the Hindu culture, the Gods and Goddess play a very important role. People pray to idols of Gods and Goddesses and their faith in that particular God or Goddess becomes strong and their prayers are answered eventually.

Nine planets, nine gemstones

The Nine Planets play a very significant role in Hindu culture. The nine planets each have a God representing it with a corresponding gemstone. The rulers and nobles in ancient India believed in their powers and wore them for protection. It is believed that the life of a person is affected be these nine planets and wearing the Navratnam balances the energies of the planets.

The nine planets are called Nav Grah in India. NAV is nine and GRAH means house or the house of planets in astrology here. These houses represent a special gemstone hence when you wear these nine gemstones it is called NAVRATNAM in Sanskrit.

What are the names of the NINE PLANETS?

  1. Sun – Surya
  2. Moon – Chandra
  3. Mars – Mangal
  4. Mercury – Budh
  5. Jupiter – Brihaspati
  6. Venus – Shukra
  7. Saturn – Shani
  8. Ascending Node – Rahu
  9. Descending Node – Ketu

Lets look at a deeper meaning of NAVRTANAM AND ITS PLANETS and their significance in a persons life.

1. Surya – The Sun

The Sun as in Surya is the parent of the solar system and represents the father. The Sun is the symbol of royalty or high position in any administration. The Sun is constructive and creative. It offers us the power of resistance and vitality. The Sun rules in the heart.

Navratnam associated with the Sun is Ruby. Wearing a ruby protects a person from harmful afflictions of the Sun.

2. Chandra – The Moon

The Moon as in Chandra represents the Mind and the mother. The moon is nocturnal and changeable, cold and receptive. The moon governs the conception, the animal instinct and the union and the embryo.

Navratnam associated with the Moon is Pearl. It is used for the protection from the consequences of the affliction of the moon or its ill placement and weakness in a birth chart. Pearl is very good for the mind.

3. Mangal – Mars

Mars is called mangal in Hinduism. Mars has much to do with one’s ambition and desires. An unafflicted Mars bestows one with quick mental activity and extraordinary muscular strength, power for practical execution. It makes a person ambitious and comes out successful in leadership.

Navratnam associated with Mars is Red Coral. It is a gemstone used to enhance the good characteristics and qualities of Mars in the native’s chart and protects the native.


4. Budh – Mercury

Mercury is called Budh in Hinduism. It is variable, convertible, vacillating and dualistic planet. Mercury rules the solar plexus and the central nervous system. It gives intelligence, capacity to analyse, retentive power and reproductive ability.

Navratnam associated with Mercury is Emerald. The gem can neutralise the evil effects of Mercury and enhance his good qualities.

5. Brihaspati – Jupiter

Jupiter is called Brihaspati in Hinduism. It is the significator of children, wealth, Government or King’s favours and the grace of God.
Navratnam associated with Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. The gemstone protects from the ill effects of Jupiter. It enhances the beneficial influences of a well- placed Jupiter in the birth chart.


6. Shukra – Venus

Venus is called Shukra in Hinduism. Venus governs the gentle and refined attributes. Venus can bestow all comforts in life. Venus is a significator for the wife and conjugal life in a man’s horoscope.

Navratnam associated with is Diamond. The Diamond is used to neutralise the ill effects of Venus placed in the birth char


7. Shani – Saturn

Saturn is called Shani in Hinduism. It is a barren, dry, binding, cold, nervous and secretive planet. Saturn can cause delay and it can deny good things in life.

Navratnam associated with Saturn is Blue Sapphire. People are generally advised to wear a blue sapphire only after consulting an astrologer.


8. Rahu – The ascending node

Ascending node in the astrology is called Rahu in Hinduism. Rahu can push a person to self harm.

Navratnam associated with Rahu is Hessonite or Gomed in Hindi.

8. Ketu – The descending node

Descending Node is called Ketu in Hinduism. It causes disease of the skin. Persons who don’t have a birth chart can wear stones as per the planets.

Navratnam associated with Ketu is Cat’s Eye.

Navratnam is used in strengthen the weak planets in the birth charts of a native. It is believed to protect a person from negative energies and evil spirits. Wearing a Navratnam creates a powerful energy field that can ward off evil.

Not only these auspicious stones based on the nine planets, but also these stones has different directions too. Ruby is placed in south, pearl is placed in south east, Red coral is fixed to southern direction, Emerald stone is directed to North east direction, Yellow sapphire is placed North, Diamond is placed on eastern direction, Blue sapphire is fixed in West, Hessonite situated in south west direction and Cat’s eye is placed north west direction.

Navratnam can be worn by anyone of any age group. Even if a person doesn’t have a horoscope one can wear it. They intensify the rays of the planets they represent and it takes on the positive traits of that planet. Ancient people have known about this and have worn the Navratnam for their positive effects.

India has been known for its mystical powers and one such a way to harness power is to wear a Navratnam.

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Charmi Soni
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Charmi Soni

Charmi Soni is born in Mumbai, India and is a descendent of a family of gem stone traders. She has knowledge about gemstones and along with jewellery designing. Her passion for gemstones and a Masters Degree in English enables her to write about the Gems and Jewellery Industry. She has authored a hand book on casting techniques and she is interested in meditation and healing gemstones.



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